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      No Time to Clean?  Don't get frustrated!  Enjoy a clean working or living  space by contacting PDC Services.


Welcome to the Precise Distinction Cleaning Services information folio. Our objective is to always deliver the very best, Precise Detail Cleaning services available while offering practical, creative, solutions for your organizing needs. Because PDCS quality control standards are high, our cleaning and organizing services are among the best in the business for customers with No Time to Clean. PDCS want you, our valued customer, to be happy. Here is a snapshot of Precise Distinction Cleaning Services.





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Gift Certificates can be customized to include additional services with four, six, or eight hours of cleaning service time you may also print the professional gift certificate to give in person. Gift Certificates do not have to be picked up or mailed to an address; they are purchased & redeemed on line.  The gift certificates are sent to the certificate receiver or purchaser's email address provided during checkout with an associated link to schedule a cleaning service appointment at customer’s convenience.  


This special service is provided for customers who can maintain the cleaning of the home but for various other reasons have No Time to Clean or deal with the “Not So Everyday Cleanings”


Inside Window Cleaning

Laundry Room Cleaning

Refrigerator & Freezer Cleaning

Stove & Oven Cleaning

Specific Area Cleaning- Kitchen, Bathrooms, Basement, Office Area, Guest & Rental Rooms, Entertainment Areas

After Event Cleaning- Birthday Celebrations, Family & Social Gatherings

Organizing Services- Cabinets, Pantry, Closets, Drawers, Created Storage Areas, Home Office, Garage



  This service is provided for customers with active and demanding schedules that can do the cleaning but find themselves occupied with the "Dynamics of Life Situations" and have No Time to Clean 


Clean Entry Way/Hallway/Stairs

All Rooms in the home

Remove Cob webs  / Dust vents /  Dust Ceiling Fans

Damp Wipe Furniture / Picture Hangings / Knick Knacks

Clean Doors / Frames / Light Switches / Mirrors

Empty Trash Can / Vacuum Carpet & Edges



Clean Exterior of all Major Appliances - Stove-Top, Oven, Dishwasher, Refrigerator

Microwave (inside/outside)

Back splashes on Walls / Counter tops / Wipe Behind & the Exterior of Small Appliances

Cabinets / Table / Chairs / Kitchen Sink

Baseboard / Cracks / Crevices / Clean Floor



Remove Cob Web / Dust Vents

Dust Light fixture / Wall Hangings,

Clean Mirror / Sink / Toilet / Tub / Shower / Soap Dish

Clean Front of Cabinets / Light Switch / Door / Frame

Empty Trash Can / Baseboards / Clean Floor





    This service is provided for customers with No Time to Clean who would like to Up Keep their Initial, First Time or Specific Area  Deep-Cleaning Service on a weekly or bi-weekly duration



 This is a very Precise Detailed Cleaning; for customers with No Time to Clean. This service must receive a PDCS Home Evaluation before services are performed.  Utilities and hot water must be working at the time of the professional home deep cleaning service.

Clean Front Entry way


Sweep outside of the immediate front door

Clean inside front door & knob / door frame / side windows / Light switch plate

Remove cobwebs

Dust Crown Molding / Dust Baseboards / Clean floor 

Clean stair banister / vacuum stair case


Clean & Disinfect All Rooms


Remove cob webs / Dust vents

Dust ceiling fan

Clean all doors / door frames / knobs / light switch plate

Wipe window ledges

Dust baseboards

Vacuum closets, room carpet & edges


Clean & Disinfect the Kitchen

Remove cob webs / dust vents

Clean inside & outside of cabinets

Clean inside / outside of microwave

Clean back splashes on walls / light switch plate / clean & disinfect counter tops

Clean inside rim & outside of dishwasher / do a clean wash on dishwasher (if working)

Clean inside sink

Polish stainless steel on major appliances

Clean baseboard / cracks & crevices / clean floor


Refrigerator / Freezer


Remove all shelves or racks and drawers spray with disinfect & clean

Spray & disinfect entire inside of freezer and refrigerator & clean

Clean rubber gasket around freezer & refrigerator doors removing food particles 

Remove and clean front vent

Pull refrigerator out from the wall / remove dust off the back vent / clean wall & baseboard / sweep and mop behind the refrigerator / clean top, front, back and sides of refrigerator 

Polish stainless steel refrigerator


Stove / Oven


Remove all burners & knobs spray with cleaning solution and clean 

Lift the top of the stove and clean under the burners, if applicable 

Spray oven racks and clean 

Spray the inside of oven and clean

Pull the stove out from the wall, clean the sides of the stove and the sides of the cabinets removing stuck on grease and food particles 

Spray and clean the bottom drawer

Polish stainless steel oven

Clean & Disinfect Bathrooms


Remove cob webs / dust vents

Dust light fixtures

clean drawers & cabinets / clean exterior of cabinets

Clean & disinfect sinks & counter tops

Clean mirrors & medicine cabinet 

Clean all doors / door frames / knobs / light switch plate

Clean towel & toilet paper holders

Wipe window ledges

Clean inside & outside of tub / inside shower / shower doors / shower walls/ soap dish 

Clean & disinfect inside and outside of toilet

Clean baseboard / sweep & clean floors


 Additional Services

Sweep out Fire Place (additional charge)

Windows & Sliding Door Cleaning Inside Only (additional charge)

Garage Cleaning (additional charge)

Oversized Mirrored Walls Cleaning (additional charge)




This Service is provided and personalized for small business owners who would like to focus more attention on their valued customers and have No Time to Clean

 FRONT ENTRY WAY- Clean doors, clean inside glass windows, information desk,coffee counter,restock supplies, clean floor

CUSTOMER SITTING AREA- Dust & remove cob webs (with-in reach), organize magazines & chairs, clean floor

BREAK ROOM AREA- Dust & remove cob webs (with-in reach), Clean outside of refrigerator, inside/outside microwave, tables, counter tops, outside of cabinets, restock supplies, clean floors

RESTROOM-Dust & remove cob webs (with-in reach), dust picture hangings,  clean sink, toilet, mirror, outside of cabinets, restock supplies, clean floor

ENTIRE OFFICE AREA- Dust & remove cob webs (with-in reach),  dust & clean wall decor, office desks, furniture, computers, office equipment, phones, doors, doorknobs, light switch plates, empty trash cans,vacuum

 President of PDC Services

 Thank you for your professional home deep cleaning interest with Precise Distinction Cleaning Services, LLC. Let's just say that my name is Ms. Williams because I have come to discover the many different ways that my customers pronounce my first name. :-) I am a professional cleaner with a simplified unique cleaning system that focuses on deep cleaning your home into a higher level of clean, which in return, established the platform for PDC Services. As President of PDC Services, 15 years of professional cleaning experience has positioned me to understand the demands placed on individuals and families through everyday life situations. With that in mind, our hourly home deep cleaning service has reached a destination making professional home deep cleaning available to everyone who has "No Time to Clean". PDC Services professional cleaner will deep clean your home with respect and handle your belongings with great care. Our goal is to keep our customers happy with high quality service and as our seal of customer satisfaction, PDC Services looks foward to leaving a smile on your face after every home deep cleaning service.  Thanks in advance for allowing PDC Services to clean your home and enjoy receiving superior results on your upcoming cleaning service! 



Small Business Cleaning Services are customized to your Distinctive Business needs

Real Estate Owned Cleaning Services are time-honored

Required Legal Documents and tools will be provided


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