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      No Time to Clean?  Don't get frustrated!  Enjoy a clean working or living  space by contacting PDC Services.


As a provider of Cleaning Services for your Residential or Small Business, Precise Distinction Cleaning Services, LLC is legally insured and licensed.  We take pride in offering the best Cleaning Services available. Precise Distinction Cleaning Services is dedicated to serving the needs of society each and every day and believes in delivering high-quality deep cleaning services to our customers. PDC Services is known for giving our customers peace of mind and in return Precise Distinction Cleaning Services customers get to enjoy their clean working or living space.

PDCS understand the demands placed on individuals and families through everyday life, whether it is working a busy schedule, running a business, traveling, or raising a family, balancing and placing order to life situations can sometimes be challenging.  PDCS hourly services was created with you the customer in mind  to offer a solution to the maybe stressed out, overburdened, tiring task of having to clean.  Our hourly services make it affordable to everyone with No Time to Clean.

PDCS enjoys making coming home a more satisfying and rewarding place to be.  We take pleasure in providing our customers with the benefits of receiving a high quality deep cleaning service to keep them happy in many ways, such as: 


  • We offer convenient On-line scheduling, so why wait on a call back, when your immediate cleaning needs can be taken care of by meeting a defined schedule for appointment setting
  • We supply the cleaning solutions & equipment when cleaning the home 
  • We focus on the detail areas that the customer may not get to clean on an everyday bases to get your home to looking beautiful again
  • We provide specific area cleaning to customers who may not want their whole home cleaned, allowing the customer to prioritize the cleaning service room by room permitting affordability
  • We send our customers a home pre-prepping guide to well inform them of PDCS procedures and how to increase the hourly production of the cleaning service work flow for their benefit
  • We thoroughly communicate the home cleaning process with our first time customers throughout the cleaning service timeframe


PDC Services only drive out for 4 hours or more of hourly deep cleaning services; if the schedule permits, customer may add extra time to the cleaning service time frame compensating for a  scheduled service that was under-booked by the customer.  (Please note this is not a basic wipe down this is a deep clean) I recommend that you schedule your cleaning services according to the severity of your home cleaning needs.  (See Frequently Asked Questions Tab )

PDC Services is currently operating from the City of Senoia, Ga. zip code 30276.  We will travel the distance to service your location or city up to a 30 minute drive time from the city of Senoia for free which equates to one hour driving a two way distance. Please note that if your destination is over a 30 minute drive time your location is considered outside of the coverage area and a traveling distance fee will be applied in addition to your cleaning service timeframe total for any drive time proceeding over 30 minute.

Customers are welcome to check the distance themselves to figure out if your home is located within the coverage area by selecting the view larger map area below and putting in Main Street, Senoia Ga. 30276 as the starting point, then putting in your address as the destination; this will give you the amount of time it will take to travel the distance to your location and estimates what your travel distance fee will be in addition to your cleaning service total. 


Select the View larger map tab below to get traveling minutes (Signing in is not necessary)

Select the Schedule-On-line Appointment tab

Select Schedule Appointment Icon

Select your Traveling the Distance Service Fee (If it applies to your location)

(If you are paying for your cleaning services in advance) Select Add Another at the top on the Service line

Select your Cleaning Service Option

Select Add Another at the top on the Service line for any Additional Services you would like to include

Select your Date and Time

Provide required information to schedule appointment

Proceed to Checkout





PDCS services many cities and parts of the Metro Atlanta area including but not limited to Senoia, Peachtree City, Fayetteville, Tyrone, Palmetto, Fairburn, Union City, Sharpsburg, Newnan, and many other surrounding areas within 30 min or less drive time.  Drive times over 30 minutes, to any city in Georgia including local areas, are charged a travel distance fee.  If assistance is needed, please email your full address and requested information by using the Contact Us Tab and PDCS will get back to you within 24 hours with the travel distance fee for your particular area.  Travel distance service fee is listed below: 

 30 min. - 1 hr. - $35 (two-way total drive time 1hr. - 2 hrs.)

Traveling the distance fee must be paid on-line for all Special Offers Promoted that are outside of the coverage area before traveling to your city. Please use the google map shown above to calculate the amount of time it will take to travel to your city so that the fee is accurate when verified. You will receive an email after this step is completed.

Scheduling On-line Is the only way to schedule a cleaning service appointment, this method secures and guarantees your appointment on the day that you choose for your scheduled cleaning service. Please See Example above to schedule a service that best suits your needs.

Cleaning Supplies and Equipment are supplied by PDC Services

All PDCS customers will receive an appointment confirmation and home Pre - Prepping Guide to prepare the home for the cleaning service and for more details pertaining to the scheduled cleaning service.  Please thoroughly follow the provided guide to ensure that a productive service is received. 

If you have any other questions about PDC Services, customers are encouraged to select the Frequently Asked Questions Tab to familiarize yourself with the information pertaining to your professional home deep cleaning service and to assist you with the answers to those questions that you may have about your upcoming home deep cleaning service and the many commonly asked questions that have been previously answered for PDCS customers.


Thanks in advance for selecting PDC Services to take care of your cleaning needs and for your cooperation in making this business venture a great success ~ PDC Services


 President of PDC Services

 Thank you for your professional home deep cleaning interest with Precise Distinction Cleaning Services, LLC. Let's just say that my name is Ms. Williams because I have come to discover the many different ways that my customers pronounce my first name. :-) I am a professional cleaner with a simplified unique cleaning system that focuses on deep cleaning your home into a higher level of clean, which in return, established the platform for PDC Services. As President of PDC Services, 15 years of professional cleaning experience has positioned me to understand the demands placed on individuals and families through everyday life situations. With that in mind, our hourly home deep cleaning service has reached a destination making professional home deep cleaning available to everyone who has "No Time to Clean". PDC Services professional cleaner will deep clean your home with respect and handle your belongings with great care. Our goal is to keep our customers happy with high quality service and as our seal of customer satisfaction, PDC Services looks foward to leaving a smile on your face after every home deep cleaning service.  Thanks in advance for allowing PDC Services to clean your home and enjoy receiving superior results on your upcoming cleaning service! 



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Business Operating Hours:  6am - 5pm / Mon. - Fri. (Weekends call for appointment.  Additional service charge applies)