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Frequently Asked Questions

PDC Services has listened to our customers and here are the answers to some of the questions that you may have about our services. If you don't see your specific question please send an email to PDCS2008@GMAIL.COM, Select the Contact Us Tab at the bottom of this web page or give us a call (678) 723-5029 


What are some factors to consider when determining the number of cleaning time hours to schedule?

The size of the home

Will this be your first time having your home professionally cleaned

The accumulation of dust particles and the buildup of grime that has to be cleaned

The clutter in the specific areas and the severity of the cleaning that has to be completed

Length of time that has elapsed between each professional cleaning service

Do you have pets that shed hair

How furnished the home is with Knick knacks, picture frames, wall hangings, props, and furniture

The size and type of flooring that has to be cleaned:  hardwood, carpeted, vinyl, laminate, linoleum, ceramic, stone, tile   

The number of people living in the home


What type of cleaning solutions do you use?

Zep cleaning solutions - degreaser, oven cleaner, hardwood floor cleaner



Murphy oil

Pine Sol



Mr. Clean

Comet or Soft Soap for stubborn stains

Stainless Steel Cleaner

Stainless Steel Polish


Will the professional cleaner bring their own cleaning supplies if so, how sanitary is the equipment used to clean my home?

PDC Services provides everything that is needed to clean and disinfect the customer's home. Your professional cleaner will arrive at your home equipped with the necessary cleaning supplies, cleaning solutions and equipment to complete the scheduled cleaning service and to make your home shine.  Each customer has a set of freshly cleaned cloths to perform the cleaning service. Our cloths are color coded.  We use one for the kitchen, one for the bathrooms, one for cleaning the furniture, Knick knacks, wall hangings and one for cleaning the floors.  We do not bring a string mop to use in homes for sanitary purposes.  We use HEPA vacuum cleaners and they are emptied and roll brushes and nozzles are cleaned and wiped before leaving each customer home and after each professional cleaning service.  This added benefit puts PDC Services Customers at ease and saves money on home cleaning supplies and the depreciation of customer's vacuum cleaners.  The only items we ask the customers to supply are trash bags for your trash removal (Many customers already have trash removed before professional cleaner arrives), a toilet brush in each bathroom and hand held shower heads attached in each bathroom majorly in the standalone shower areas to be cleaned.


Why do I have to pay a travel distance fee?

Most cleaning service companies service customers by their zip code to help cut down on operating expenses.  After receiving a large amount of calls from customers needing a professional deep cleaning service outside of PDC Services coverage area, and  for different reasons was having problems finding a trusted deep cleaning company but was too far for PDC Services to travel, a solution was created, the travel distance fee.  PDC Services would love to service all cities in Georgia however, business expenses can become very costly when operating a deep cleaning service company, so from a business perspective rather than increasing the cost of the hourly services the solution has been set in place to service customers wanting to schedule a professional deep cleaning service in other cities of Georgia and to compensate for drive time, gas and other expenses.  Now customers in diffrent cities of Georgia are able to receive a professional high quality deep cleaning service.  

Accurate travel distance fees must be paid on-line before traveling to a destination to complete a professional home cleaning service.    

30 min. - 1 hr. - $35 (two-way total drive time 1hr. - 2 hrs.)

What areas do you service?

PDCS services many cities and parts of the Metro Atlanta area including but not limited to Senoia, Peachtree City, Fayetteville, Tyrone, Palmetto, Fairburn, Union City, Sharpsburg, Newnan, and all other surrounding areas within 30 min or less drive time for free.  Drive times over 30 minutes including local areas and other cities in Georgia are charged a travel distance fee.


Customers are welcome to check the distance themselves by using the google map located under the About Us Tab, putting in Main Street, Senoia Ga. 30276 as the starting point, then putting in your address as the destination; this will give you the amount of time it will take to travel the distance to your city and estimates what your Travel Distance fee will be in addition to your cleaning service total when scheduling your on-line appointment. 

Please Select the About Us Tab above for detailed instructions



What if my home is not that dirty and I don't think it needs to be Deep Cleaned.

Upon arrival to each customer's home more detailed information is gathered about the home number of bed & bathrooms, 1, 2, 3 level home etc.,.  The customer is then given the opportunity to determine the specific areas they would like to focus on during their scheduled deep cleaning service time frame in which a walk through on the cleaning service is conducted.  During the walk through we go room by room informing the customer of what is going to be deep cleaned in that particular room to take it to a professional quality level of clean.  Depending upon the severity of customer cleaning needs, the customer is then given the option to add time to an under booked cleaning service if schedule permits, or to just utilize the previously scheduled  deep cleaning service time to greatly benefit the customer needs.  After the customer has determined their areas of focus for the scheduled deep cleaning service, we then prioritize the deep cleaning from the most important to the least important offering suggestions making sure our customers are satisfied.  Customers have no worries because it is a win win situation, PDC Services is there to guide you through it all, as well as prepare you for your next upcoming professional home deep cleaning service.   


 What is an Initial or One Time Deep Cleaning?

A professional deep cleaning is much focused work as we clean and disinfect visible and hidden areas  and if your home has not been professionally cleaned with-in months or years it needs extra work and it's professionally deep cleaned by PDC Services to make sure your home will be looking great.  PDC Services unique deep cleaning techniques addresses the details with special attention to not just the high-vision, high-traffic areas, but also to those unseen deep spaces such as toilet bowl hinges, under shower doors, the inside rim of the dishwasher, under faucet sprouts, baseboard in the kitchen and bathrooms etc.,. This is an extremely detailed cleaning and is totally different from any standard cleaning.  The One Time Deep Cleaning is a highly recommended scheduled deep cleaning. This is where all levels 1, 2, 3 and every area in the home is deep cleaned to a professional level of clean, to include the inside of the refrigerator, the inside of the oven and baseboards which are an additional charge.  Customer can also customize the initial or first time deep cleaning service by determining whether they just want the upstairs deep cleaned or the down stairs deep cleaned or just the kitchen and bathrooms deep cleaned also known as specific area cleaning.  Additional services can also be included in the customer's customized service at an additional cost to fit their individual needs (See Service Tab and Options at Checkout for more details).  These services will be done as a onetime deep cleaning of the whole home for those customers that want to maintain the home cleaning them self or Initial and first time deep cleanings for customers wanting to receive recurring routine services.  Depending on the size of the home and the customers cleaning needs these deep cleaning service options can be scheduled into daily or weekly deep cleanings until the whole home is professionally deep cleaned to perfection.

Does the Initial, One Time Deep Cleaning, or First Time home Cleaning Take Longer Than A Routine home Cleaning?

Yes absolutely, professional home deep cleaning is much focused work as previously stated.  PDC Services Initial, one time or first time deep cleaning service is more like spring cleaning or perhaps catch-up cleaning.  The first time PDC Services comes in to deep clean your home, the work of cleaning is intense as we strive to get all areas cleaned to a higher standard.  Before PDC Services can begin the regularly scheduled cleanings of the home, there are a variety of first-time tasks that require extra effort.  Depending on the initial level of the buildup of grime and clutter, an initial, one time or first-time deep cleaning can take up to 2 or 3 times longer than your subsequent cleanings.  Technically, it takes longer to clean a tub or shower that has a lot more buildup of dirt and soap scum than a tub that’s been cleaned frequently; therefore PDC Services suggest that you follow the home pre-prepping guide sent to your email address after your appointment is scheduled.  All Initial and first time cleanings will be a deep cleaning of the specific areas that the customer decides during the walk through or that PDC Services suggest to the customer to benefit the customer with previously scheduled service time.  PDC Services requires an initial or first time deep cleaning of the specific areas in order to establish recurring routine services.   After the initial or first-time deep cleaning PDC Services has completed the process of bringing your specific area home cleaning up to maintenance level for regular repeat routine services.  A recurring routine home cleaning is started within two weeks after the deep cleaning of the specific areas are completed and that depends upon customer's family needs.  Recurring routine cleaning service frequency can be weekly or bi-weekly.  Whatever deep cleaning service you choose your home will be professionally cleaned and shined to a precise distinction. 

Why is the initial or first time cleaning different from the routine cleaning? 

Simply put, during our initial or first time professional deep cleaning service, PDC Services will focus on getting rid of existing dirt and setting a standard of cleanliness that you can expect from each cleaning service. During the recurring routine cleanings, we will maintain what we did during the initial or first time deep cleaning revealing a fresh and sparkling clean home. 


What type of residential homes do PDC Services professionally deep clean?      

Residential encompasses lofts, studios, apartments, condominiums, town houses,1, 2, & 3 level houses, Independent living facilities, rental properties, duplexes, estates, suites, ranch houses and rooming houses.


What if I live in an area where parking has to be paid?

Please answer yes to the parking question asked during the scheduling of your deep cleaning service appointment, Customer are responsible for securing parking before the professional cleaner arrives and up until completion of the deep cleaning service.   Please communicate in the note box during checkout of parking arrangements.


How Soon Can the cleaning service start? 

As an added benefit for PDCS Customers on line scheduling is available.  Professional deep cleaning services are on a first come first serve bases, with the exception of customers receiving consistent recurring routine services.  Customer are able to schedule a minimum of four, six, or eight hour of deep cleaning per day by choosing a time slot that is available for them to schedule and then by proceeding to pay for professional deep cleaning services through the secure PayPal link.  See Question # 19


What preparation is necessary before PDC Services arrive?

In order for the professional cleaner to concentrate on giving your home the maximum attention to details as we deep clean and give you the best value for your money, PDC Services ask that you review and follow the home pre-prepping guide for every scheduled cleaning service.  Ensuring the home pre-prepping is done generally allows the professional cleaner to clean more thoroughly and offer a more productive service on a consistent bases and it also allows PDC Services to meet our home cleaning quota for the day.   Please be sure areas are not piled with clutter in places that need to be cleaned by properly storing away clutter.  Minimizing clutter the night before the cleaning service will allow your professional cleaner to clean more efficiently.  Please understand that PDC Services is different from a maid or housekeeping service.  Our ultimate goal is to maximize efficiency and minimize the time we spend deep cleaning your home which in return saves us time and saves you money however, if you have a special cleaning need that you must have your deep cleaning service can be customized to include the making of beds, washing dishes and the folding of laundry.  PDC Services appreciates it when items are removed that will delay your professional cleaner.   We ask that Items are picked up off the floors, furniture, dressers and counter tops in the kitchen and bathroom areas.  Items such as clothes, toys, paper, all miscellaneous items are properly put in place, bathroom rugs & mats are off the floors and washed or hung across bathroom doors, beds made and no dishes are in the sink.  Please leave the 3D cleaning up to PDC Services! (dust, dirt & debris). 


Do I have to secure my pets during the professional home deep cleaning service?

Yes, PDC Services kindly ask that you secure your pet in the kennel, a secure gated area or another location in the home with a Do Not Enter note on the door if you are not going to be home on the day of your home deep cleaning service.  Please remember that a pet may behave differently if the owner is not present and is believed to be dangerous to the professional cleaner that is afraid of pets while entering the home, so for safety precautions we ask that pets be secured, also if the owner is at home during the professional cleaning service PDC Services ask that you restrict your pets from the areas that will be cleaned so that a more efficient cleaning service is received. 

What happens if my pet has an accident and I was not aware?

PDC Services will not be responsible for cleaning up any pet accidents or vomit we are advised to clean around the area and place a paper towel over the excretion and notify the customer.  Additionally, Seasonal insect infestation can also be a difficulty and may prevent PDC Services from completely cleaning your home. If ants, termites, roaches, fleas, mice, rats, etc., are encountered and are alive, we will call you or leave you a note regarding the problem.  Please ensure that major pest control problems are taken care of before scheduling your appointment with PDC Services.  For Move-In / Move-out Cleanings PDC Services ask that you have the pest control unit come out first before scheduling  your cleanings service appointment if you have a insect infestation problem.


How can I be guaranteed that I will be completely satisfied?

PDC Services would like to say we are perfect and even though we have set up systems to help us maintain a high satisfactory rating we are still human and we strongly rely on verbal or written constructive communication.  If you’re unhappy with any area and feel a particular area could have been cleaned a little better in which we are not anticipating, we’ll re-clean it on the spot!  For customers who are not at home during the cleaning service please do not hesitate to give us a call or email within 24 hours of your completed cleaning service.  Moving forward, I would like to take the time to inform customers of a very important fact, PDC Services professional cleaner LOVE to clean and work expediently, skillfully, accurately and thoroughly in a defined working enviroment, making customer satisfaction the main focus and #1 priority!  PDC Services always strive to go above and beyond to ensure that you are amazingly happy with every completed deep cleaning service.  PDC Services maintains a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee by performing a walk-through on the completed results after every quality deep cleaning.  To further guarantee your complete satisfaction, a 30 second Please Review my Business Email is sent to all customers after every deep cleaning service including those customers who were not at home during the cleaning service giving all PDC Services customer's an opportunity to provide their feedback and rate our services with a five star.  This feedback which customers can post anonymously, assures PDC Services as well as our future customers that you were 100% satisfied and in return this helps us establish our customers trust in the professional cleaner good work ethic as we build a positive professional working relationship.  PDC Services strongly believes that feedback is a gift so we thank you in advance for keeping us informed on your satisfaction of the professional deep cleaning service received with your 30 second or less feedback.


Do I need to be home during my cleaning service?

PDC Services realize you may have a busy schedule.  We encourage first time customers that have never received PDC Services to be home to meet the professional cleaner for the first initial deep cleaning  and to conduct a walk through while showing the professional cleaner the rooms in the home and giving any specific cleaning instructions for the first deep cleaning service from there you are free to leave or stay during your professional cleaning.  If you are unable to be home at the time your professional cleaner arrives simply provide us with your cleaning necessities to perform your deep cleaning service by leaving a note with an immediate contact number in case additional information is needed.  Some customers like to be at home during the deep cleaning process.  If you choose to be at home or if you work from home, customers prefer to pick a room to work, read, or watch T.V.  If this is your choice, you may ask the professional cleaner to either clean that room first or to let you know when they need to enter that room to clean it prior to the end of your deep cleaning service.  Keep in mind that your professional cleaner most likely have another job waiting and need to have all requested rooms for deep cleaning available at some point during your specified cleaning time. First time customers please remember to be available prior to the end of the deep cleaning service to do a final walk through on completed service with the professional cleaner.  Some customers prefer scheduling deep cleaning appointments while they are at work or away for the day, this is totally up to you whether you are home or not during your cleaning service, but it is not necessary or required for you to be home, in fact, many customers prefer not to be at home because they like to see the transformative process of leaving a home that needs to be professionally deep cleaned and coming back to a spotless clean home.  Regardless of your schedule, you are certain to receive a superior professional home deep cleaning service.


Is PDC Services Licensed and Insured?

Absolutely, PDC Services knows that choosing a professional home deep cleaning service is a big decision.  PDC Services understand that there are many factors that influence your choice, including your budget concerns, replacement of a broken or damaged item, the safe keeping's of valuable items, the trustworthiness of the professional cleaner in your home, after all your home possessions and your family are worth choosing carefully.  With these factors in mind, PDC Services has taken the necessary steps to ensure your confidence in the quality of our deep cleaning services and the integrity of the professional cleaner.  Due to the nature of our business, a PDC Services professional cleaner are required to touch virtually everything in your home and strives not only to clean your home to your complete satisfaction, but to also clean with extra care to your personal items to avoid damage.  We are as careful as possible and do our very best to keep damage to a minimum but accidents can happen.  If something does get damaged while cleaning your home we will first try to fix the item and notify you of the mishap by a phone call from PDC Services.  If it is a high dollar item then it will be turned into the insurance company.  PDC Services has been in business for several years and have never had an insurance claim.  If it is a low dollar item then we will gladly replace or repair the item out of pocket.  We do ask that you securely store away any items that are irreplaceable due to sentimental reasons, or if it makes you feel more comfortable you can ask us to not clean certain areas in order to protect your valuable items.  Please inform us immediately if there are any items in your home that require special attention due to faulty or improper installation of the items.  Examples would include but not limited to: Broken or improperly installed blinds, curtain or shower rods, ceiling fans, light fixtures, loose carpet/rugs, wall hangings not properly hung and stable, props barely sitting on shelves/mantles, bookshelf, table top, etc.,.  A closed door, drawer, or note will signify to the professional cleaner not to touch or clean the area.  This allows the customer to feel safe and gives you peace of mind to trust the professional cleaner in your home and prevents most accidents.  

Suggestion:  For extra security measures purchasing a safe or  secure locked file cabinet for personal information and valuable items is wise and offers great comfort and peace to customers while away from home.


How does the professional cleaner gain entry into my home?

PDC Services recommend purchasing a key lock box to provide dependable access for your professional cleaner on an ongoing basis.  Lock boxes can be purchased for a relatively inexpensive price at Ace Hardware, Home Depot or Lowes or you may purchase a new unopened lock box from PDC Services for $25.  The lock boxes are very easy to install and have a code that can be customized by the customer.  Some customers like to meet the professional cleaner to let them in before they leave and the professional cleaner secures the home when they depart.  An option PDC Services does not endorse is leaving an unsecured key hidden outside your home for the professional cleaner to gain access into your home.  Safety is always first for the protection of the professional cleaner as well as the customer home. Crime is unpredictable and it is not safe or wise for a professional cleaner to enter an unsecured home.  If your home is equipped with a security system, please ensure that it is disarmed or inform us of the code and input sequence before your scheduled cleaning.  PDC Services prefer a separate alarm code for your professional cleaning services.  As a reminder during the process of scheduling your home cleaning appointment please be mindful to note any necessary codes to gain access into your home:  gate code, the building door code, garage code, door key pad code, alarm code and sequence, lock box code as well as location of lockbox on the premises (normally lock boxes are placed on the door knob of the front entry door) that way PDC Services can enter your home with a code that we securely have on file.  If PDC Services is unable to gain access into your home be it that the customer forgot to leave the lock box out with key, the time waiting to gain access into the home will be deducted from cleaning service time so that it does not interfere with the next customer's appointment for the day.  Please make sure that proper arrangements have been made with the key to gain access into your home on the day of your scheduled cleaning service to avoid complications.  Our procedure is once we gain access into the home to lock the door while we are cleaning and to not allow access to unknown people.  For safety reasons, please do not rely on the cleaning professional to let in workmen or other associates during the time PDC Services is cleaning your home.    


What happens if there is a cancellation, lockout or the professional cleaner has arrived at my home and cannot perform the cleaning service?

PDC Services understands that some times daily schedules change, however we ask that you please contact us 7 business days (not to include weekends) in advance of your scheduled cleaning service date to shift and change the schedule. Cancellation and reschedules are unnecessary because customers do not have to be at home in order for the cleaning services to take place and most situation can be worked around if they occur.  If a Cancellation or reschedule occurs before your scheduled cleaning date a $50 schedule interruption fee or $100 cancellation fee applies and takes effect for blocking business to the on-line cleaning schedule and is paid on- line before cleaning services resumes and are performed.  Cancellation and rescheduling fees are unnecessary for most customers because again as stated earlier customers do not have to be at home during the time of the cleaning service, however PDC Services does require that you notify us 7 business day in advance of your scheduled cleaning to shift the schedule, make the adjustments, and receive on line payment in order for rescheduled cleanings to take affect and to avoid being permanently blocked from scheduling on line appointments with PDC Services.  Please contact us by phone call or email of the special circumstance or arrangement and we will make the changes and proceed forward as informed or as schedule will allow.  If you have to reschedule your cleaning appointment please Keep in mind the possibilities of availability for the rescheduled appointment, it cannot be guaranteed if the schedule is occupied and there are no opening for the date that you may want to reschedule too especially if I'm working on an initial, one time,move in/out cleaning or any other special project, you would then have to take the earliest available opening. 

If PDC Services arrive at your home to complete a scheduled cleaning service and are unable to gain entry into your home through no fault of ours and the customer has to cancel the scheduled appointment a $50.00 lock out fee will be applied  and an additional travel distance fee must be paid to come back out to perform cleaning service and to compensate the cost of lost wages, drive time and gas. Traveling to a location cost money; therefore, please consider purchasing a lock box from PDC services for $25 which was purchased for customers convenience to avoid Interruptions with the scheduled cleaning.

If PDC Services arrive at a home and the electricity and/or the hot water are not on (mainly for Move-In / Move-out cleanings) or any other circumstance prevent the professional cleaner from completing the cleaning service a $50.00 inconvenience fee will be applied.  PDC Services ask that the customer stay informed of the hot water and electricity functionality.  Staying aware of certain circumstances or of the electricity or the hot water services and knowing when it will be reconnected or disconnected before the scheduled cleaning will avoid the $50.00 inconvenience fee and an additional travel distance fee to drive back out and perform services.

PDC Services Customers will receive an advance appointment reminder by email before scheduled cleanings.


Is it Okay to leave a tip for the professional Cleaner?

Yes, tips are often given and appreciated, although tipping is not required or ever asked for. Tipping is a way to demonstrate your appreciation for all the hard work that the PDC Services professional cleaner performs, however tipping is at the discretion of the customer and we leave that up to you. If you feel your professional cleaner has provided you with the service you deserve then feel free to leave a tip. Some customers like to show their appreciation for their professional cleaner around holiday time with cash or a gift card.  A good word-of-mouth to a neighbor, family member, business associate or friend about the awesome service PDC Services provides is always greatly appreciated and welcomed.  Nevertheless, the professional cleaner is always thrilled when tips are received.  If you choose to leave a tip there are three ways that this can be accomplished:

  1. A tip can be given in the tip box as you are scheduling your on-line appointment if you were refereed by someone or know your professional cleaner work ethic.
  2. A tip can be given in person after the walk through is performed on completed services
  3. If  the customer is not going to be at home a tip can be left on the kitchen counter top or table in an envelope with PDC Services Tip clearly written on the outside of the envelope.  PDC Services professional cleaner will not take any money that is not clearly marked on the outside of an envelope as PDC Services Tip or customer communicates a tip left along with their note for that days cleaning service.


When is the payment for my professional home cleaning service due and how do I pay for my services?

Payments must be received at the time that you schedule your on-line cleaning appointment with PDC Services.  We accept on-line payments for all first time, routine and periodic customers. Customers pay by major credit or debit card. PDC Services does not accept checks.  We accept cash for additional services or (extra time added to a deep cleaning service)  that is due at the time of each cleaning.  All customers are required to schedule their professional cleaning services on-line in order to get place of residency information to travel to the location and to select the scheduled date and time to perform the professional deep cleaning service.  Appointments are not taken over the phone.  To schedule on line select the Schedule-On line Appointment tab located at the top of this page.  PDC Services on line payments are processed by Pay Pal, and are processed though a fully secure protocol. Scheduling through Precise Distinction Cleaning Services is safe and secure and PayPal guarantees this.  PDC Services want to make things as simple as possible as we are passionate about doing our job right the first time and making sure that you are 100% satisfied every time.  If you have any concerns about forms of payment please do not hesitate to give PDC Services a call.  

After your initial, onetime or customized professional deep cleaning services are completed PDCS customers can begin the recurring routine services at a discounted rate of $25.00 per hour.  If a customer is not receiving consistent recurring routine services meaning weekly or bi-weekly professional home cleanings, customer must process payment as a first time customer at the rate of $35.00 per hour for professional deep cleaning services.  Remember if your home has not been receiving regular professional  routine cleanings PDC Services will have to do extra work to bring your home to a higher standard of clean.   

Reminder:  If you never received professional cleaning services from PDC Services or if you are a returning customer not scheduled for the recurring routine services on a weekly or biweekly cleaning schedule it is required that you process payment as a first time customer at $35 per hour for your professional deep cleaning service.


What are your hours of operation?

PDC Services hours of operation are Monday - Friday, 6am - 5pm.   6am is mainly for customers needing special projects completed or  6 to 8 hours of deep cleaning so that PDC Services can get an early start and meet our cleaning quota for the day and for customers with high traffic volume so that drive time traffic can be avoided when traveling back and forth between locations.  

What are your cleaning times?

PDC Services normally start our first appointment at 8AM with the exception of a 6am appointment and our second appointment at around 1PM.  We do ask that our customers give us a 1-2 hour arrival time adjustment for special circumstance such as traffic, new accounts, extra service etc.  In which you will be notified hours ahead of time.   When scheduling appointments Customers may schedule in accordance to the pre-selected time slots, examples are listed below:

4 hours of cleaning choose appointment time slot of 8AM or 1PM (if available)

6 hours of cleaning choose appointment time slot of  (6AM if available) or 8AM ONLY

8 hours of cleaning  choose time slot of (6AM if available) or 8AM ONLY

Can you clean on Weekends?

Normally for residential cleaning we do not, however; in the event someone needs a weekend deep cleaning, it will cost $50 extra to clean on the weekends, in addition to your 8 cleaning hours plus travel distance fee if outside of coverage area.  Please understand PDC Services professional cleaner deep clean 2 to 3 homes Monday - Friday Deep Cleaning is physically demanding therefore recuperation's are vitally important.  If you want a weekend appointment it is recommended that you call or email  Monday - Wednesday to make arrangements for a weekend appointment.  PDC Services start weekend appointments at 6am only for a minimum of 8 cleaning hours.

When is the best time to contact PDC Services?

PDC Services has dedicated the time and effort to create a web site that gives all our customers both present and future simplicity, clarity and understanding in answering any of the questions that you may have.  PDC Services takes pride in answering the phone when you call, or in getting back to you if we are unable to answer at that moment. It is very important to give the cleaning professional evenings and weekends to spend with their family, so if you try to contact PDC Services on a weekend or after 7pm in the evenings for deep cleaning service information please feel free to leave a message, email, or text us and we will return your call the next business day. Monday – Friday 5pm - 7pm is reserved and perferred for answering all customers calls and is the best time to contact me to get my undivided attention to better answer the questions that you may have.  PDC Services Cleaning professional is out at customers homes deep cleaning from 6am - 5pm. Thank you for your kind consideration and understanding!


Is the inside of the oven and refrigerator included with my service?

Only if you select one of the two options when scheduling your online cleaning appointment; the Move-In / Move-Out Deep Cleanings or First Time Initial Deep Clean to include Oven & Refrigerator Special. These are the only two options when scheduling that includes the deep cleaning of the inside of the oven and the inside of the refrigerator otherwise; it is an additional charge to deep clean the inside of the refrigerator and the inside of the oven. But please note, we can customize the cleaning to fit your particular needs.  Select the About Us tab to see the example on how to add additional services when scheduling. Please include additional services during the scheduling of your appointment in order for PDC Services to make the necessary adjustments to the appointment schedule to account for the additional time needed.  You may also schedule a designated day to specifically have your oven and refrigerator professionally deep cleaned.  More information will be in the house pre prepping guide. 


I have never used a professional deep cleaning service before how do I get started?

  1. First familiarize yourself with website information by selecting the FAQ, Services and About Us Tabs 
  2. Calculate your travel distance if it applies to your location to add to cleaning service total  See Question # 4, Select About Us Tab
  3. Estimate your cleaning needs and additional services if deep cleaning needs to be customized.  See Question #1, Select Services, then Schedule-On line Appointment, Select orange icon that says Schedule Appointment  and to see the list of additional services  
  4. Decide on number of hours you would like to schedule for your Initial, First Time, or Onetime professional deep cleaning service that will be needed, PDC Services professional cleaner will further assist you upon arrival.  See Question #1 & # 5
  5. Schedule On line deep cleaning service appointment  See Question # 18 & 19 (cleaning times)
  6. Plan the start date for your recurring routine services and figure your cleaning frequency weekly or bi-weekly.   See Question # 6 & 18
  7. A new Lock box can be purchased from PDC Services, purchase hand held shower heads for all shower areas especially standalone showers for routine cleaning services and have them installed before your cleaning service day and toilet bowl brush for each bathroom. See Question # 3 &15             
  8. Follow home Pre-prepping Guide minimizing the clutter you may have will make your professional deep cleaning service far more efficient.  Remember PDC Services is there to clean you don’t need to be embarrassed about the dirt the professional cleaner might find leave the deep cleaning to PDC Services See Question # 10
  9. Please remember to check your email after the completion of your professional deep cleaning service to rate PDC Services and update our future customers. 


Why should I hire a professional deep cleaning Service?

Saving countless hours on home deep cleaning by hiring a professional cleaning service is rapidly becoming not a luxury anymore, but instead a needed service in most homes.  Many people would rather not clean during what little free time they have left in a day.  With busy work schedules and active family lives you can easily start feeling time starved and overwhelmed having No Time to Clean in an effective way.  People hire a professional deep cleaning service for many different reasons. The number one reason is to save valuable time.  When there's just No Time to Clean, you want the reassurance of bringing in a qualified professional home cleaning service and PDC Services is here to help you get back some of your well-deserved leisure time.


Do I have to sign a contract?

No, customer satisfaction is what keeps PDC Services in business. PDC Services want to earn our customers trust and business each time the professional cleaner completes your home deep cleaning service.  PDC Services would like to develop a long-term professional relationship with our customers, and realize that will only occur if PDC Services consistently provides the high quality professional services that have made PDC Services a trusted home deep cleaning company.  We depend on open communication and your honest feedback of our services.  PDC Services is confident that our professional deep cleaning services will keep you happy by ensuring our customer's professional home cleaning satisfaction. 

See Question # 12


What don’t PDC Services do?

PDC Services Professional cleaner will be respectful while in your home. The professional cleaner will not search through personal belongings, (one reason why PDC Services come equipped with our own supplies & equipment), smoke, watch TV, play the radio or video game, answer the customer’s telephone or doorbell, prepare meals, provide any pet or children related services.  PDC Services professional cleaner only purpose while in your home is to deep clean the interior of your home.  Please keep in mind the professional cleaner will always remain professional and courteous at all times toward all customers however, there is a great need to focus while cleaning, talking and holding long conversations during the cleaning process could be a distraction and will slow the professional cleaner down and take away from the service time.

What are the Items that PDC Services cannot do?

We cannot clean any areas containing body fluids- blood, vomit or defecation

Insect infested areas

Litter boxes, animal cages

Animal excretions and vomit


How long will it take to do a Move-In / Move-Out professional deep cleaning in my home and how much does it cost?

PDC Services does not give Move-In / Move-Out professional home deep cleaning hourly service time estimates over the phone since timing for professional deep cleaning depend on several factors such as:  the square footage of the home, the accumulation of dust, dirt, grime, the severity of the home cleaning needs and the overall general cleaning needs of the home; these are all factors that are considered in the professional deep cleaning hourly service time, so the answer to this question varies from home to home because each home cleaning needs and requirements are different and must be approached on an individual basis.  So the process begins with PDC Services taking a tour of the home to see what needs to be done however, don’t risk losing your deposit because you don’t have adequate time to properly clean your home yourself.  PDC Services professional cleanings can be customized to fit your needs.  Together we assess what needs to be done. we’ll go over your priority list so that we both understand what can be done within the cleaning time frame. Note that we have a minimum of 4 hours of professional deep cleaning service time per visit.  Hourly cleaning service times are estimated after visual inspection of the home or after the deep cleaning of the specific areas are completed. 

Important Questions To Think About

  • Would you like the whole house cleaned or just specific areas in the house cleaned?
  • Lights and hot water cut off or turn on dates
  • Where is lockbox located and lockbox code (has that information been text or email)
  • Have handheld shower heads been installed in standalone shower areas
  • Is there a dishwasher in the kitchen and does it work?
  • Do inside and outside of kitchen cabinets and drawers need cleaning
  • Are new major appliances being installed or the appliances in place need cleaning.
  • Does Stovetop/Under Burners/Oven Need Cleaning?   (Inside/Outside/Behind)
  • If eletric stove was four new drip pans purchased to replace old ones.
  • Does Refrigerator & Freezer Need Cleaning?   (Inside/Outside/Behind)

If you are having other professional services performed in house please consider this order so we are not in each others way:

  1. Spray for bugs -1st
  2. Inside painting / installations- 2nd
  3. Professional deep cleaner- 3rd (please make me aware of any deliveries that may arrive on your cleaning date so that I may clean those areas first and be out of the way)
  4. Carpet cleaner 4th and always last- eliminates tracking on floor and you can enjoy your clean house

 President of PDC Services

 Thank you for your professional home deep cleaning interest with Precise Distinction Cleaning Services, LLC. Let's just say that my name is Ms. Williams because I have come to discover the many different ways that my customers pronounce my first name. :-) I am a professional cleaner with a simplified unique cleaning system that focuses on deep cleaning your home into a higher level of clean, which in return, established the platform for PDC Services. As President of PDC Services, 15 years of professional cleaning experience has positioned me to understand the demands placed on individuals and families through everyday life situations. With that in mind, our hourly home deep cleaning service has reached a destination making professional home deep cleaning available to everyone who has "No Time to Clean". PDC Services professional cleaner will deep clean your home with respect and handle your belongings with great care. Our goal is to keep our customers happy with high quality service and as our seal of customer satisfaction, PDC Services looks foward to leaving a smile on your face after every home deep cleaning service.  Thanks in advance for allowing PDC Services to clean your home and enjoy receiving superior results on your upcoming cleaning service! 



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